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Get access to ‘insider’ copy secrets that will transform your copy into a powerful, profit-pulling sales tool


There is so much demand for your target market’s attention that it’s almost impossible get anyone to really listen these days. The old style ‘ho hum’ B2B and B2C style marketing just doesn’t work as well as it used to. I’m sure you’ve noticed – especially with the global economy rocking like a row boat on a stormy ocean.

The only way to stabilize – and increase – your business, is to take every opportunity to increase your relevance to your prospects and existing customers. Right now, people are in a panic. That goes for people running businesses to people who work for them.

To convince ANYONE to purchase from you, you have to SHOW them that their purchase:

  1. is not a risk did you know that a purchaser for a company is less likely to take a risk than the C.E.O.? After all, if they make a ‘bad’ purchase, their job is on the line. That’s why you have to be able to show them that purchasing from you is SAFE.
  2. will give them an immediate and clear advantage over their competition – when the boat’s rocking, the ones with the life-jackets on are far more likely to survive!
  3. will be worth a lot more than they paid for it – overdelivering value is a sure way to avoid buyer’s remorse and an even surer way of securing a sale

Even if your product or service is the latest, greatest and the best on the market… even if it’s unique… that doesn’t guarantee that ‘if you sell it, they will buy’.

No.  It’s not that simple.

  • You have to be able to understand where your prospect’s mind is.  Their fears, aspirations and desires. Their challenges.
  • AND, you need to be able to join in the conversation in their head before they’ll listen to you.

How do you join in the conversation in your prospect’s head?

That’s where my ‘insider’ direct response copy secrets come in.

On this site you’ll be introduced to just some of my ‘insider’ copy writing secrets – the same techniques I use to help my clients increase their profitability by 10%, 20%, 50% and even more.

Secrets I’ve learned from the biggest and the best EVER in Direct Response Marketing. Names such as Robert Collier, John Caples, David Ogilvy, Gary Bencivenga, Claude Hopkins, Gary Halbert, Joseph Sugarman, Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy…. the list goes on.

Though you may not be familiar with some of these names if you’re not in the Direct Response Marketing field, you’ve undoubtedly seen their work reflected in most of the major businesses in North America.

I’ve taken these Secrets that I’ve learned and applied over the past 20 years or more to create significant profits for my clients and I’ve distilled, updated and refined them until they’re laser focused for today’s economy.

This site is here to help you identify and create powerful copy writing strategies – whether you write your own sales and marketing materials or you hire a professional writer to help you. Whether you need help with your bricks and mortar sales or your internet marketing, you’ll find strategies that will increase your sales and boost your profits.

Of course, not ALL my secrets are revealed on this site. Many are reserved for my clients, most of whom have enjoyed such success as a result of working with me that they’re still clients after several years. In this age of instant gratification, that’s quite something.

Feel free to take advantage of all the free direct response copy writing, sales and marketing advice here. Just because it’s free, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s not valuable. It could mean significant increase in profits for you if you apply it correctly. Of course, if you don’t have the time, or would simply prefer to get my advice one-on-one, that’s also possible. Just email me or call me. The details are below.

Or, if you’d like to try your hand at implementing some of my powerful copy writing secrets yourself, but would like me to give your material a once over before you send it out… I also offer a criquing and editing service which is invaluable when you’re wanting to skip a lengthy learning curve…

Spend a few minutes checking out the blog posts and feel free to leave your comments, questions and suggestions.

Look forward to talking with you again soon!”


If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a project, please contact me
by email: jackie@jackiecooperwriter.com
or by phone +1.604.5567184 (worldwide)

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