The best kind of blog posts and articles

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What exactly are the best kind of blog posts and articles?

writing for businessI work with a variety of different types of clients all of whom have different opinions about the effectiveness of the written word.

Some believe that a blog post featuring a lot of images, perhaps even an infographic and a video are much more persuasive than a post consisting only of words.

Some refuse to use more than 500 words in any post.  Others see their posts as being an opportunity to be seen as a thought leader in their industry and insist on a minimum of 1,000 words per post.

Add to that the constant challenge to placate and / or persuade the search engines such as Google to feature your post in their listings and you face quite a challenge.

There’s no simple formula that works every time.

In my experience, there is no simple one-size-fits-all answer.  There are no S.E.O formulas that really work these days.  To please both your audience and the search engines, a varied approach works best. In some posts feature, a short paragraph with a video. In others use an info graphic. In others a 1,000 word post with attractive images will work best. business writing

Here’s why: S.E.O. is ‘dead’:

After spending 2 years learning to write for S.E.O., ranking dozens of sites and weathering all the changes Google made, a few months ago, they made a further change that completely scuttled the S.E.O. boat.

Suddenly the cumulative years of ‘best practices’ were turned upside down. Instead of rewarding observance of their rules, they began to penalize it. ‘Instead,  old style ramblers were awarded higher rankings and visibility. It seems that the logic was that these were the only ‘real’ relevant sites for any given topic.  It also helped boost their pay per click business.

 Overnight, sites plummeted, businesses lost money and many SEO guru’s were faced with ruin.  Google’s stated intention has been to provide their customers with increasingly more relevant search results.  But, as you can see, when you do a Google search now, the results are usually anything but…

However, the good news is writing to rank your sites now should actually be easier and more intuitive. 

Make sure that you have lots and lots of high quality content – preferably varying blog post lengths – some longer, some shorter. Throw in as many videos and images as you can. Most of all, make sure the content makes sense to your intended audience.

Use old style direct response techniques to keep audience attention:

  • State the point you intend to make right at the beginning:
    For instance, I’ve titled this post “The best kind of blog posts and articles“.  I’ve also used this as the first sentence.
  • Use headings and sub-headings:
    Throw in some sub headings periodically. Make sure that a ‘scanner’ gets the gist of what you’re saying if they only read the bits in bold.
  • Stick to the point:
    Preferably make a single point the focus of your post or article. Never try to make more than 3 points. Readers are more likely to remember a single point if it’s made at the beginning of the post and all subsequent information supports and explains it.
  • Come to a conclusion:
    Finally, conclude the post by reiterating the point and the conclusion your argument has created. In this post, the single point was determining what kinds of blog posts and articles are best. The body information discussed the different options and factors.  Now, here’s the conclusion”

It’s true there are no S.E.O formulas that work flawlessly, but there is 1 approach that will always stand you in good stead: high quality content.

writing for SEONo matter what changes the search engines make to their ranking algorithms, good quality content will always have value. It’s more likely to be read, revisited and referred on social media platforms.

Next time you plan a blog post or an article (or, for that matter, a video or an infographic) remember the tips you’ve learned here. Provide your reader with useful, relevant content and you’ll always have an audience.

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