You have a story to tell, information to impart, people to inform, something to sell.

Jackie Cooper ghost writingHowever good your reason for wanting to write a book or an article, you know that you just don’t have the time, or perhaps the inclination or skill to tackle the project on your own.

10 good reasons to hire a ghostwriter:

  1. You want to establish credibility and / or advance yourself in your career
  2. You are a leader in your field – the next step is to be published
  3. You want to share important information which will be beneficial to others
  4. You want to enhance your value to your clients and prospects
  5. You want to increase your earning capacity
  6. People keep asking you to put your insights into book form
  7. You want to document something important for posterity
  8. You want to educate
  9. You want to help people take advantage of something you know
  10. You have a story to tell

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