Ask about your most pressing marketing or writing challenge.

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Do you have a pressing marketing or writing challenge that you haven’t managed to deal with as successfully as you’d like?

If so, here’s an opportunity to get some free advice and a free copy of my new book that lays out viable, proven strategies to deal with thorny writing and marketing issues.

Send me your question and here’s what I’ll do:

  1. send you an answer within one week – FREE
  2. include the best questions in my new book – giving you the credit for the question
  3. send you a copy of the book once it’s complete – FREE

Initially, I’ll be selling this book in electronic form, but if you help me by sending me your question, you’ll get a copy absolutely free.  So, I invite you to help me and help yourself at the same time.  Let me summarise:

  1. send me your question – get the answer free - remember, my clients pay me to do this, so this is a valuable opportunity
  2. get a free copy of my book - this will include the best, thorniest, most challenging marketing / writing issues that face business professionals today.

This book is intended to be used as a handy resource with timely advice, solutions and ideas that you’ll find useful not only for those ‘unusually’ challenging issues, but for those everyday issues that require a fresh, innovative approach in order to gain an edge over the competition.

Post your questions in the post /reply box below, or email them to me at

In addition, please take this very quick poll:

What is your biggest challenge in marketing

(please click on the link above to access the poll)

Thank you!

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