Copywriters well placed for this economy.

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While many are reeling from unexpected layoffs as a result of today’s global economic crisis, copywriters are presented with wonderful opportunities to profit.

Copywriters, unlike most other professionals, have had to continually adapt and morph, developing the skills and knowledge base that best suit their clients needs.  Though some copywriters try to stay within their specific niche (or comfort zone), most are forced to continually explore and expand new horizons in order to maintain a steady work flow.

While, on the downside, this can be stressful, on the upside, it can also make life very interesting and even more importantly, fit the diligent copywriter uniquely to thrive when others are facing major crises.  The fact that copywriters have such a broad range of experience and are required to be ‘quick studies’ means that they already know how to adapt at a moment’s notice – a quality most people lack.

Instead of crying ‘Woe is me’ when one market dries up, they are able to identify other markets that can benefit from their experience. More importantly, they can help their clients identify new opportunities, especially if they have some marketing experience, something which can be invaluable.

Articulation is key.  As Rudyard Kipling wrote, “…if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…” you’ll find plenty of opportunities waiting for those who have the vision and the gumption to lay hold of them.  Really, it’s the old ‘glass half full’ concept at work.

When you hear about competitors laying of staff by the dozen, it’s not time to whimper in fear wondering if your company’s next on the chopping block, but rather to identify who your competitor’s customers are so that you can be there to pick up the pieces when your now understaffed competitor lets them down, as they undoubtedly will. Essentially, they’ve taken action to survive, providing you with the option to take action to thrive.

Copywriters who’ve been in the business long term understand this.  They’ve seen it happen before with the ‘hot shots’ who suddenly get busy and begin missing deadlines, or dropping ‘small’ clients who are no longer of great importance.  You’ll find that a copywriter who has been in business for a decade or more will often have long standing clients they’ve nurtured over the years.  They’ll also have plenty of savvy survival strategies that have helped them, and their clients stay in business during turbulent times.

If you’re staring at a blank wall in your business right now, it might be an idea to spend a little time with a good copywriter and see what their nimble mind perceives as latent opportunity in your industry.  Just one good idea well articulated could easily help keep your own customer base healthy, and attract customers your competitor can no longer adequately service.

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