Don’t be perfect

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Setting up a new business, expanding into a new market or offering a new product or service?  Here’s a bit of advice you won’t get very often:  DON’T BE PERFECT!

One of the key reasons for new entrepreneurs – and established businesses for that matter – experiencing difficulty in moving forward is perfectionism.

If you find that you’re prevented from launching any new venture because you need to continually go back to the drawing board to revise little details to ensure everything is working perfectly before you launch, this is a real problem.

Trying to cover absolutely all your bases before you feel ready to step out and take action will almost always result in no action happening at all.

It’s natural to not want to get out there and find that you’ve embarrassed yourself by making a big faux pas, but, making mistakes is part of life.  Mistakes cannot always be avoided.  The key is that when you do make them, fix them and don’t make the same mistake twice.

My advice to you:  DO NOT let the fear of making a mistake prevent you from the primary function of your business.  In case you’re wondering, the primary function of every business is making sales.

Launching your sales process and then discovering that you’ve lost a few sales because your processes weren’t working perfectly is not near as as much of a failure as not making any sales at all.

In my experience, the clients who achieve the least are always those who are the most focused on making sure that they have all their ducks in  a row before beginning anything new.

Those who achieve the most are often the least organized but the most enthusiastic and the most determined that nothing would stand in the way of them getting in front of as many prospects as possible TODAY!

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