How to sell with integrity. (How to write for maximum return #5)

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How to sell with integrity @ Yahoo! Video

How to Write for Maximum Return: Edition 5.

(Transcript outline of video)

Hello, my name is Jackie Cooper and this is  “How to write for maximum Return.”  I’m glad you could join me.

In this edition, we’ll be

  • reviewing the The Wealthy Writer by Michael Meanwell
  • then I’ll be telling you about a free  web based tool that allows you to ‘showcase’ and promote your business
  • and in our Q&A segment, we’ll be discussing ‘Selling with integrity ‘.

Let’s get started:

1.  Book Review:  “The Wealthy Writer” by Michael Meanwell
Michael Meanwell is an Australian author who has been publishing articles in newspapers and magazines since he was 17. Besides being a writer, he is also a public relations and marketing consultant and has his own radio show.

His book “The Wealthy Writer” was written in 2004 and although that’s a long time ago by present standards, his information is still very useful.  Meanwell covers everything you need to know to set up your own writing career.  He covers the business aspects as well as the writing strategies and talks about everything from e-commerce to technical writing.

I recommend this book as a good resource and an interesting read.  It’s a good starting point for those launching out on their own and is a great refresher and idea generator for those of us who’ve been in the business a while, but feel as if we’re in a rut.

If you’d like to get a copy of this book feel free to email me for the ISBN number at

2. Useful widgets: Free online ‘showcase’ is a handy web based document publishing and storage tool that allows you to showcase and promote your business.

You can create everything from newsletters to magazines to portfolios and proposals, upload them and send them to anyone with email.

It’s a very professional platform and for multi-page productions it offers a visually pleasing presentation where the viewer sees the pages actually being flipped over.  they can zoom in to get a closer look and read your copy.

It can help even a one person business look very professional.
It’s easy to use and issuu provides video tutorials to help you.
And best of all, at the basic level, it’s free.

Check it out at

3. Questions and Answers:
Q: With so many scams around, how can I convince people who look at my web site that I’m the real deal?” – Len from Atlanta.
A: Thanks Len.

I hear this question a lot and the basis of my answer is the solution:  It’s

How to sell with integrity.

You’re right, Len, there are a lot of scams around and many people have been burned both on line and off.

I believe the best way to establish your credibility is to sell with integrity, which means:

1. when you promise, deliver what you promise.
It’s better to underpromise and overdeliver

2. when you say you’re going to do something, do it.

3. when someone contacts you whether it’s by email or phone or mail, answer them. It’s only polite and it’s a way to begin building a trust relatioship.

If you don’t bother to answer people who contact you, how can they trust you to buy from you?  Even if their question is something you can’t answer or don’t want to, at least reply and let them know you appreciate their contact but cannot unfortunately help them at this time – or refer them to someone who can.

4. Honor to your guarantees

5. sell something you’re proud of and believe in

6. get testimonials from people who’ve done business with you and who are pleased with the transaction

7. be real. If you mess up, admit, apologize and make right.

It’s pretty much the same as in life.  It takes time to build a trust relationship, and it takes but one wrong move to mess it up.  so be careful.  Do the right thing.  People will soon begin to talk about your good character and especially on the internet, that goes a long, long way.

Hope that helps you!  Please keep your questions coming – email them to

For more tips on selling with integrity, check tomorrow’s blog post!

4. Words of wisdom:
How do you get what you want in life?
Zig Ziglar put it very succinctly when he said, “help enough other people to get what they want, and you’ll get what you want.”

Have you noticed how people who are really good at what they do, often are happy to help others by sharing their expertise?  It’s a mark of a true master in a profession and the mark of someone who will achieve even greater heights.

So… be a mentor.  You may feel you don’t know much, but to someone who knows less than you, you’re an expert.
Thanks for joining me!  Until next time, I’m Jackie Cooper Writer and this is “How to write for maximum return”

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