Selling through social networking

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Social networking is the biggest ‘buzz’ in marketing right now.

As a copywriter I find it interesting to see how it’s changing the way I write. Instead of simply focusing on writing on a particular subject, I now need to predetermine the correct keywords for the market I’m addressing – then write my article using these keywords in specific ratios.

Complicated?  Yes, actually it is.  Not only do you need to be able to express concepts clearly, but now, you need to do so incorporating words you may not normally have considered using.

And of course, it still needs to make sense, be grammatical and above all, be useful.  This can become quite complicated, especially when the social networking platform you use has a character limitation.  Twitter, for instance, only allows message of up to 140 characters.  The good thing about this is that it really teaches you to be clear and succinct.

As a marketer, I’m fascinated by the complexity and simplicity simultaneously existent in the social networking arena.

When it comes to selling through social networking, I find that ‘everything old has become new again’.  Really, it boils down to relationships.  The same way it always has.  The difference is that you can form relationships using this medium very, very quickly.  You can also enhance your credibility very quickly.  Besides these advantages, there’s also the important fact that social networking allows you to get in front of a huge audience extremely quickly.

Somehow, traditional barriers are broken effortlessly and there’s a kind of pioneering camaraderie that’s hard to resist. A combination of business savvy and ‘humanness’ through tiny glimpses into personal lives, allows social networkers to hook up with others who share their views and their values.  More importantly it allows social networkers to identify people they’d like to work with.

Perhaps the greatest single advantage of social networking is that it’s open to everyone with internet access. Because most of the platforms are free, the freelancer has as much ‘clout’ as the multi-national.  Sure, there are plug-ins and widgets available at a price that the smaller business may not be prepared to pay, but these helpful tools won’t make or break the business.  You can do without them if you have to – for a while at least.

The level playing field of the internet allows people who wouldn’t have a hope of making good in a bricks and mortar business to make good online.  Selling through social networking has never been easier or more desirable than it is right now. For anyone who has been thinking of parlaying their writing skills into a lucrative online business, now’s the time.  But, don’t only think about writing for someone else who’ll pay you for a project – think about writing to sell things yourself.  That’s where the real money is and social networking is a key to unlocking that entrepreneurial door!

With the economy the way it is at present, this is a good thing.  It’s the small, independent entreprenuer who’ll help kick-start the recovery.  It’s just a matter of time.

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