You know you’re finally a responsible work-from-home-preneur when…

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This is some light relief for all those writers and infopreneurs who have made the transition from working for ‘a boss’ to working for ‘the boss‘ – the situation of every quintessential home based executive.

You know you’re working from home when:

  • getting ‘dressed up’ means putting on a pair of jeans
  • you come across a pair of stiletto heels in your closet and for an instant wonder what they are
  • you have to delay an impromptu Skype video meeting for 15 minutes so you can put some make up on
  • you’ve learned to lock the dog in a room on the other side of the house and get back to the ringing phone before it goes through to voice mail
  • you get up late because you’ve been working since 6am on your laptop in bed and it’s now 8am and you haven’t yet brushed your teeth
  • you set your own lunch hour – and ‘hour’ is a euphemism because it somehow shrank to 10 minutes between meetings
  • when you eat lunch, you’re more concerned about not dropping it on your keyboard than on your clothes
  • you put the TV on while you work for company
  • when your grown up kids ask you what you’re doing this weekend you have to think how to phrase ‘working’ in a different way so they won’t think you don’t have a life
  • when a sick day means you spend the day in bed – working on your laptop
  • when you’ve got to the stage that when it’s a lovely day you don’t even consider taking the day off any more
  • on those rare occasions when you’re all caught up with everything you have to do, you can no longer remember what you’d like to do….

Yes, working from home and being self-employed sounded a lot more glamorous in those days way back when you were going to have the freedom to manage your days and make all the decisions 🙂

Courage!  We all know we wouldn’t go back to the corporate office setting for any amount of money… okay… any amount anyone would probably be prepared to pay!

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