Why hire a writer?

jackie-cooper-technical-writingWhy Hire a Writer?

Almost every business needs some form of writing, whether it’s for corporate collateral, sales materials, technical or internet marketing.  Savvy businesses understand that writing is one of the most critical areas of expertise and it positions your business in the minds of your market.

Here are a few of the reasons you should consider outsourcing your writing projects:

  1. You’re an expert in your business but not a writer – you believe in gathering a team around you who are experts in areas that you aren’t, freeing you to concentrate on what you do best
  2. You understand that a good writer can help you increase sales exponentially – especially if that writer is experienced in marketing and business (direct response marketing and advertising for on and off line applications)
  3. You find it valuable to have someone on your team who can identify your market’s mind-set and then use that to tap into their ‘hot’ buttons
  4. You want to free up your sales staff to spend more time on closing sales rather than warming up leads
  5. You want to maximize ‘word of mouth’ advertising through creating it rather than waiting for it to happen
  6. You want to build a credible, powerful online presence that gets you in front of your perfect prospect market (writing for the web, online sales writing, landing pages, email campaigns, writing for seo optimization etc)
  7. You want to enhance your corporate image with professional collateral that correctly and accurately positions your products and services (corporate literature, brochures, annual reports, video presentations, sales presentations etc.)
  8. You want to take advantage of free media opportunities (press releases, articles etc)
  9. You want to maximize valuable loyalty and profile building opportunities through customer education (courses, seminars, workshops, loyalty building campaigns, newsletters, ezines etc)
  10. You see the necessity of creating a public relations and loyalty building campaign for your own staff and partners
  11. You have the occasional ‘sticky’ situation that requires skillful and insightful treatment to turn things from a potential damage control situation to an advantageous position.

Working with a good writer is more than a good investment.  It’s business savvy.  It saves you time (which means money), it makes you money through increased sales and market share and it avoids many of the business pitfalls that result from miscommunication (which again, saves you money).

A good writer can also help you see your business and your market in more depth and from a different perspective – often helping you problem solve!

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