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internet marketing copyRamp up your internet marketing profits with powerful copy!

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  • Auto responders
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  • Sales funnels
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Need to create a stronger buying response to your internet marketing mix?

For most ‘offline’ businesses we know that the first time visitors to your site are highly unlikely to buy. But when it comes ot online businesses, having a visitor move on from your site can often mean a lost opportunity to sell.

The key is firstly recognizing the particular type of sales funnel you should be using and then maximizing its impact.

Even when it comes to online product launches, your sales page is often the culmination of a complex launch process. It has to be persuasive and compelling, but more than that, it has to build on a relationship that began before your visitor lands on that page.

The key to selling successfully online is creating mechanisms that allow you to develop a relationship with your prospect. People buy from people they know, like and trust.  They get to know, like and trust you through the information you offer them, whether it’s on a web site, in an email or in a video.

When it comes building relationships that result in a great R.O.I. everything counts.  All the smallest details have to be thought through and planned – all the words you write and say have to be exactly right in order to effectively connect with your audience.

I have the experience to help you create compelling SEO optimized web sites and landing pages that sell – both long form copy and short form copy sites.

But what’s even more crucial, is my experience in creating powerful auto responder emails that persuade, inform and educate. Emails that keep your audience coming back long term and result in you selling more to more customers more often.

Want to know more about how I can assist you?  I’d be happy to provide you with an audit of your internet marketing strategies and give you ways to ramp up your response.  Email me today at