Business Writing

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Business Writing

While writing may not be your business, your business cannot survive without writing.

Think about how often you use written words on a daily basis… from the dozens of emails you receive and send, to your inter office memos, to your sales letters, proposals and presentations.

How successful you are can be directly impacted by how well your written words convey and persuade. Most business owners and managers feel that writing is either not their ‘thing’ or that they simply don’t have the time to write well.  It’s not something that comes naturally for most people. That’s why professional writers like me are in business.

Here are a few of the services I offer:

  • Business plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Sales collateral
  • Corporate collateral
  • Product information
  • Speeches
  • Video scripts
  • Technical
  • Public relations materials eg Press Releases
  • Online marketing materials including web copy, emails, auto responders
  • Newsletters

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