EMail Marketing

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EMail Marketing

EMail Marketing – a proven way to grow your business:

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EMail Marketing is an essential part of your marketing plan if you want to grow your business by increasing customer satisfaction, customer retention as well as sales volumes.

It’s one of the oldest forms of marketing – yet strangely enough, it is normally underutilized by most businesses.

Setting up an EMail Marketing Program can be a daunting prospect unless you have someone who is experienced in this form of marketing to help you.  There are two main ways that EMail is used by businesses.

  1. EMail Newsletters:
    EMail Newsletters are a great way to maintain top-of-the-mind awareness within your customer base.  They’re also useful as an educational marketing strategy where you can showcase products and services and teach your customers how to get the most from them.
  2. Auto Responders:
    Auto Responders are EMails that are created as a sequence to be delivered over a period of time in response to a customer request or purchase.  This type of EMail is frequently used by internet marketers because it is so powerful in developing relationships with customers and as a tool to sell more to more customers more often.  Auto Responders can be sent as plain text or as html.  The former option is used when you want to make sure that the most people will be able to receive the email and open it without trouble.  HTML on the other hand, allows you to send a beautiful looking EMAIL – one that looks almost as if it’s a web page within the EMail.

EMail Marketing Services:


Professional Auto Responder Systems

  • professionally written and designed for maximum response
  • consistently delivered on time, every time
  • full analytics
  • segmenting so that messages can be tailored to your audience
  • email sales funnels

Professional EMail Newsletters:

  • Great looking styles and templates customized to your business
  • Assistance with content creation available
  • Tie in with your blog or web site
  • Opt in and Opt out functionality

Direct Response Copywriting:

  • auto responder series
  • newsletter content
  • articles
  • blog posts
  • long form sales letters / emails

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