7 ways to get your copy read and responded to

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When you’re writing to sell there are a few things you need to do to ensure that your copy is acted upon.

Here’s a helpful checklist:

  1. Remember your market is not ‘everyone’.  Find out EXACTLY who you’re writing to.  Research who they are: how old, what background, where do they live, what kind of job do they do, what do they drive, what are their hopes and fears?
  2. Sit down and visualize that one typical prospect sitting across the kitchen table from you and begin to empathize with them.  Write about the situation they’re currently in and what the issues are that they face without your product / service
  3. Then tell them how your product / service will change their lives for the better and back it with proof from other satisfied users
  4. Tell them what they need to do to be able to enjoy this product or service
  5. write a headline that captures the strongest, most emotive benefit or fear from the copy you’ve just written – choose your headline from multiple ideas, don’t settle for the first one.  Then test different headlines in the process described in step 6.
  6. leave for a few hours to a few days, then re-read for consistency.
  7. give it to someone in the same demographic or target group as your perfect prospect and ask them to read it.  Ask them to tell you what it says to them and what understanding they are left with.

In this way, your copy will be much more convincing, more focused and more effective.  Try it and post your comments about your results below:

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