A quick and easy way to create original content in any niche

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Many people struggle with finding or creating enough original content for their blog posts. Next time this happens to you, try this easy technique I sometime use when I’m running short on ideas.

When I’m finding it difficult to come up with something truly original, one way I overcome the challenge is to do some quick research online on the topic I want to discuss.

Once I’ve found between 5 and 10 articles or white papers on the topic, I speed read these to glean relevant information and then summarize in point form what I’ve learned.  I make a note of anything I’d like to quote, including the author and publication and then I set to work to flesh out my point form overview.

I will often incorporate specific quotes giving links and full credit to the authors / publishers.  I use these quotes to add substance to my argument and to provide extra resources for anyone who wants to research the topic further.

This quick method helps me overcome the occasional writer’s block.  It also helps me to remain relevant and current and offer a more balanced point of view than if I were simply relying on my own insights.

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