Article marketing to boost profits.

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Article marketing to boost profits is hot news for internet and brick and mortar entrepreneurs these days.

However, it’s nothing new at all.  The medium being used is perhaps different to the traditional article marketing venues, but the principle is one that’s been valid ever since articles first were written and published.

You might be involved in article marketing already, or it may be something you’re considering doing.  Whichever way, the information I’m going to share with you will help you to

  • maximize your exposure
  • maximize your credibility and
  • maximize your profits

There are some fundamental factors that determine whether your article is going to be able to help you achieve all the above:

  1. the content needs to be useful to your target audience
  2. it needs to give enough information that they are enabled to take action
  3. it should not give so much information that they feel they don’t need to contact you
  4. it should be clear, concise and interesting to read
  5. it should focus on your core message
  6. it should make use of strategic keywords in the most natural fashion possible
  7. it should be submitted to the correct publishers in order to get you the correct exposure
  8. articles should be written consistently over a period of time: it’s an ongoing process

There’s a lot of information about how to write articles, so this particular article isn’t going to deal with that aspect. What we’re going to examine here is how to make your articles work for you in multiple ways with very little additional effort.  Here are just some of the different uses:

  1. on the internet on your site: blogs typically host ‘articles’ in the form of blog posts, but regular web sites should also make use of articles whether they’re on specific pages within the site or featured as downloads on a resource page.
  2. on the internet in article directories and ezines. Articles submitted to these types of publishers are usually provided free of charge with rights for anyone to reprint provided they retain all the author information intact.  This is very valuable in stimulating traffic to your site and establishing you as an expert in your field at no cost except the time involved in writing the article and submitting it.  These are also services you can outsource if you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself.
  3. in print in magazines, journals, newspapers - in fact anywhere that will accept freelance articles and is read by your target audience.  In these cases you will need to check carefully about the reprint rights.  Many print publications specify that the article may not have already been published anywhere else and once they accept it, they own the world wide or local rights.  This of course, means that you can’t ‘flog’ the article to 10 different publishers either on or off line.  If you want to repurpose the article, you need to make significant changes so that you don’t contravene the print publisher’s requirements.  By the way, this can include a restriciton on you publishing the article on your own site.
  4. as a press release: an article can be shortened and reconfigured as a press release.  For instance, a jewelry client I worked with for many years held an event where they brought a diamond cutter to their store to demonstrate diamond cutting.  We wrote an article about this and published it in their newsletter.  At the same time we repuposed the article to create a press-release which was given some prominence in the local newspaper.
  5. as a white paper: depending on the subject matter of the article, it can often be repurposed as a white paper, especially if you’re featuring examples, studies, case histories etc.
  6. free reports and hand-outs: these can be used both on and offline.  I’ve had many clients who’ve had article published in trade and industry journals and later simply copied the article (or requested copies from the publishers) and used these as hand-outs at trade shows, sales calls etc.  The uses are almost limitless.

These are just some of the most basic ways that article marketing can benefit your business, whether or not you are selling over the internet or physically face-to-face. Besides the obvious advantages of gaining exposure, article marketing has another significant upside not often capitalized on even by experienced writers:  it allows you to write the ‘specs’ for your client’s request for proposal.. in other words, you’re able to set the parameters for your reader to use in choosing a supplier, service and / or product.  In this process, you can highlight the areas in which you know you excel. You can pinpoint specifics with which your competition cannot compete.  You can create a standard your reader will then demand, knowing that it’s at a level that few, if any, of your competition can match.

Article marketing is such an easy to implement, low-cost and effective tool that it should be part of every businesses marketing plan.  If you haven’t yet tried it, I encourage you to think about doing it sooner rather than later.

If you’re not sure how to go about identifying subject matter for your articles, or how to structure or repurpose them, I’d be happy to help you.  All you need to do is to email me at for an initial free, no-obligation consultation.  I guarantee you’ll walk away with plenty of practical ideas that will translate into money in the bank!

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