Can marketing and blogging co-exist?

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One of the reasons that blogging is so successful is that it’s a forum where opinions, interaction and behind the scenes information can be exchanged in a low key and non-threatening manner.

It’s perceived as being more ‘real’, more ‘truthful’ and more accessible - it’s not a one way street, you can comment and receive replies to your comment.  So does that mean that you can’t sell using blogging?

Not at all.  Just as unpaid 3rd party testimonials are perceived as more credible than a sales pitch directly from the seller, so blogging is perceived as being more credible than a sales pitch on a web site.

An example of this psychology is found in classic networking at social events.  Although you do get many people trying to sell aggressively at a social event, their efforts are often perceived as being a trifle tacky and irritating. Any friendship overtures they make are immediately suspect.  ‘Does he like me for who I am or is he just trying to sell me something?’

The person who attends a networking event and displays a genuine interest for the people they meet is far more likely to strike up a friendship that will eventually lead to a sale.  It’s like they always say, no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

Similarly, blogging gives you a platform to strike up friendships that will eventually lead to sales, by establishing common ground.  That common ground forms the basis for ongoing relationships during which you can prove your trustworthiness and knowledgeability.

Once you’ve made that first sale, blogging is a wonderful way to maintain that friendship and can be key in creating opportunities for future sales in addition to the original sale.

Can marketing and blogging co-exist.  Yes. Beautifully.

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