Do people buy what they need… or what they want?

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I recently watched a video segment where the trainer was discussing the difference between demographics and psychographics.

As they rightly pointed out, most businesses are aware of teh importance of demographics and spend time gathering information on the gender, age, address, income and other details that will help them identify their ideal prospect.

However, very few of them address the psychographic component, or the mind set of their perfect prospect.

What really brought this home to me was a comment made by a client who is in the health and wellness arena.  According to this client, they have a far easier time selling to people who are already buying a similar product than to others in their demographic market who do not.

On the surface, this seems illogical. After all, why would it be easier to sell, say, vitamins to someone who is already buying vitamins from a reputable brand than it is to someone who really needs vitamins but doesn’t yet use them?

The long and the short of it is:  the person who is already purchasing vitamins has taken a step beyond acknowledging that they need them, and has demonstrated that they want them. You do not need to persuade them further.

However, analyzing it just a little more, we soon discover that the vitamin taker doesn’t necessarily want to swallow a bunch of pills every day… what they really want is to be and feel healthier, look younger, live longer, be stronger. And if we analyze that a little further, we discover that ultimately, the vitamin taker is really seeking a better quality and more enjoyment of life – as well as taking steps to ensure their long term ability to continue experiencing this result.

They’ve already come to this conclusion. You don’t have to sell them on the benefits because they’re already sold.  All you have to do is show them how they can obtain these benefits quicker, better or easier from your product.

It’s as well to bear this in mind when you are writing to sell.

As another of my clients once remarked, “I would rather not be on the leading edge, it’s the bleeding edge.  I’d prefer to come into the market and sell to people that someone else has paid the cost to educate.  It’s a lot more profitable.”

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