Email headlines that force readers to open your email

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Email is one of the most practical and cost-effective ways to get in front of your customer base.

We all know the wisdom of building an email list. We know that the content of our emails has to be powerful, relevant and interesting.  We know that consistency in communication is key to success.  But we can have all that handled and still not be making much money.

We can be sending out emails regularly to our list of a few hundred or a few thousand and stil not have the majority of the recipients open them.  And if they do’t open them they can’t read them, and if they don’t read them… they sure as heck don’t buy.

Getting your list to actually open their emails is the first advanced success step in email marketing.

To get your list to open your email, first it has to avoid their spam filters, and the spam filters of their service providers.  Avoid words liks: “free”, “save”, “sale” and other obvious ‘selling’ words in your subject line.  These words are immediately flagged by spam filters and can result in your email arriving… in their junk folder.

If you must use these words, then follow the lead of many of the reputable internet marketers by breaking the word using symbols or characters that make it unrecognizable to spam filters but still readable for your list.  For instance, ‘free’ can be ‘F*ree’.

But a better solution is to create subject lines (essentially headlines) that peak the interest of the reader and get them curious enough to open the email.

I received a great example of this in my email inbox today.  Clayton Makepeace’s Total Package sent a email with the subject line, “Are you 9 hours away from your next client?”

It caught my attention, as it no doubt did for many other recipients.  It was quite different to the run of the mill sales emails I receive.  Whenever I see a particularly good example of a subject line, I like to spend a few seconds guessing what the email is about and what’s being sold.  Kind of like guessing what’s in the parcel before you open it.

My initial guesses ranged from some ‘miracle’ 9 hour process to land clients, to a deadline to sign up for a ‘guaranteed to land clients’ course.

My last guess was closest to the mark.  The email was selling a course of teleseminars and audios… 9 hours worth of audio training material.  The email itself was great.  Powerful, persuasive and pertinent… but it was the subject line that got me to open it and click through to the ordering page to get all the details.

I have a ton of emails from the Total Package sitting unopened in my in-box, waiting for when I have time to read them.  But the ’9 hour’ email caught my attention and roused my curiosity to the point where I had to open it to satisfy my desire to know what it was all about.

Perfecting your subject line to achieve that kind of response is absolutely critical to the success of any email campaign you undertake.

Here’s how to go about doing this:

  1. write your main message
  2. revise, edit, polish
  3. make a list of the major ‘hot button’ topics
  4. write at least 10 subject lines focusing on these
  5. choose the most powerful, interesting and imaginative

Let me know which ones word best for you!

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