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Is your content helpful? amusing? interesting? inspiring? If your content doesn’t have some kind of benefit to the reader, chances are that your social media program won’t get great results.

Just take a look at the retweets on Twitter and you’ll see what I mean. The most retweeted items are usually the ones that have some kind of ‘celebrity’ factor.  A ‘celebrity’ factor isn’t a connection with a popular movie star or rock band, it’s a quality that makes it so engaging that it just has to be passed onto everyone you know.

Often it will be a pithy saying about some current event. Or it could be something inspiring and uplifting that speaks directly to people’s soul.  Or it could be something helpful to your readers.  Whatever it is, if it captures their attention long enough for them to read the blog post behind the tweet, it stands a better chance of being shared with their network.

How do you know what will appeal to your followers? It’s not always easy.  Keeping an eye on what they’re tweeting helps, of course.  But, in my experience, the vast majority of twitter members post endless tweets pushing their products or services, or, just making random, personal comments that are of interest to no one else.

Tweeting productively is as much a marketing science as choosing the right print media for an advertising campaign.  What demographic are you appealing to?  Where is their pain?  Are they overwhelmed by the demands of life?  Is business becoming so cut-throat that they’re under constant pressure to offer a better mousetrap?

It’s sometimes better to go to their web sites and check out the content there in addition to watching tweets.  This can give you a better idea of where the areas of ‘pain’ may be.  Providing a solution to one of their primary concerns is a sure way to get their attention.

If you can address your followers deepest concerns and needs and give freely to those, you’ll find they’ll take you much more seriously when you tweet.  They’ll look out for your tweets and when you post something of value, they’ll be more inclined to share it with others.

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