How does social media affect the explosion of artificial intelligence?

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I’ve searched and searched for statistics on the expansion rate of knowledge and there’s not a whole lot of reliable data out there.  Let me qualify that – there’s not a whole lot of reliable data that comes up in google, bing and yahoo searches.

However, I have come across a few interesting snippets that I’d like to share. Doing my bit to expand the growth of knowledge :).  But first, let’s just take a look at why the rate of increase of knowledge is important?  Why should we care?

As business people, we’re frantically searching for better, quicker, more effective ways to communicate with and persuade our market. That’s why.

We rely on expanding knowledge.  Although from a scientific perspective, knowledge expansion only really applies in the macro sense i.e. as experienced in the development of technology, or on a global scale.

In a micro, or individual application, expansion of knowledge occurs everytime you or I learn something we didn’t know before.

If you’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by the pressure to keep up with ever faster pace of your personal and business world, I have some bad news for you.  According to a paper released by IBM (The Toxic Terabyte) in 2006, and I quote, “It is projected that just four years from now, the world’s information base will be doubling in size every 11 hours.Please note, it’s now 2010.

AAAGHH!  Just when you thought you were getting a handle on Facebook and Twitter!

What does this have to do with Social Media?  Quite a lot actually.  During my research, i came across this interesting blog post by Dr. Steve Wyckoff in which he gives a hypothetical overview of the transfer of information.  Dr Wyckoff’s example goes like this:

Think about this, you are a scientist and this morning in your lab you made a discovery. During your coffee break you post to your blog and explain what you discovered. Soon after you posted your blog a spider from Google crawled through your bog and indexed it. As it crawled through your blog it found the exactly phrase a scientist on the other side of the world was looking for. She’d created a Google alert looking for that phrase, and as soon as Google found it, it sent her an e-mail with a link to your blog.

So on the other side of the world she was having her morning coffee and looking through her Google alerts. She found a link to your blog, clicked on it, went to your blog, read about your discovery, and a great big lightbulb went off in her head! The discovery you made was just a piece of information that she needed to move forward on her own work. She quickly applied the piece of information you had supplied and made even more gains in her work. At the end of the day, she posted her discovery to her blog and another scientist somewhere else in the world had his light turned on by her piece of information. And so the cycle goes.”

Tracking the flow of and response to information is crucial in any kind of marketing. It helps us measure the effectiveness of what we’re doing. Social Media is so viral however, that the information we post can have traveled around the world several times before we’ve refreshed our browsers – and we’ve probably lost track of it after the first retweet.

Of course, I have absolutely no doubt that applications like Twitalyzer are expanding their knowledge to keep up with this and deliver statistics to you in the time it takes to launch their site.

The point is this: knowledge is expanding at a rate we’d consider to be straight out of somebody’s warped sci-fi imagination a few decades ago. There’s even talk of how humans will be evolving into ‘super’humans in order to cope with this scary scenario.  I’m not sure I have any advice as to how to cope with this, but what I do advise is that if you want to raise your business profile, market awareness and create an immediate funnel directly into your market’s consciousness,  if you’re not using Social Media, you should be.

Oh – and it it’s too much to cope with on top of everything else – don’t worry.  Email me – it’s part of what I do so you don’t have to.

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