How important is copy for internet marketing?

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Many clients ask me “Just how important is the copy I use on my web site?  Does it really affect the success of my internet marketing?”

The short answer is: it’s one of a number of critical components.

In internet marketing, there are many different components that play a part in your success.  Just getting in front of your audience is an entire process in itself.  One that can keep you, or your staff, busy literally full time.  If you don’t have this handled, how good your copy is, is not really an issue.

Other factors include taking care of processing sales, and for physical products, inventory, shipping and returns are all critical details that play a part in the ultimate success or failure of the business.

So… in the grand scheme of things, how important is your copy… really?

Initially, your copy plays a vital role in that the keywords and keyword phrases you use will influence your search engine listings.  In other words, find the right keywords – the ones most often used by your ‘hot to buy’ market  to find for your type of product or service – and you’ll come up faster and higher in the search engines when they search.

Once you’ve come up in the search engine results, the descriptive  summary shown has to be relevant to what your prospect is  looking for, or they won’t click on your listing, no matter how high it’s ranked.

Thirdly, your copy has to be interesting, useful and relevant. If it isn’t they’ll soon click out of your site.  It has to be so good that not only does it hold their attention, but it’s valuable enough to them to actually bookmark for future visits.

And finally, it has to be persuasive enough, targeted enough and sales oriented enough that it converts visitors into customers.

Think about it like this:  imagine your copy is a story book.  It can have a gripping title and attractive cover, it can be widely advertised and promoted.  It can even be endorsed by your favorite celebrity… but once you open it and begin to read, it has to hold your interest and deliver on your expectations, otherwise you’ll probably not finish it and you certainly won’t look forward to its sequel.

So, yes, your internet marketing copy is very important. So important, that it’s well worth while spending time and effort on making sure that it has more than just strong keywords, but also delivers exceptional content.

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