How to ensure your sales keep growing even when the economy dips

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Perhaps the phrase, ‘even when the economy dips’ is a bit euphemistic... right now, it depends on who you talk to as to whether it’s ‘dipping’, ‘tanking’ or ‘sucking’.  Whichever you prefer, there’s one sure thing and that is: it’s sales that will bring a recession to an end.

Companies that invest in every means possible to sell and who’re prepared to put new and innovative strategies in place to build their sales, will inevitably end up better off than those who cry “The sky is falling, the sky is falling…”

Think about it this way… people are still buying, albeit there are less people buying, so inevitably, less ‘stuff’ is being bought.  However, there ARE still people buying, so the key to success is getting a decent share of the active, buying market.

Laying off staff and cutting back at this time is a two-edged sword.  Cut back too much and you run the risk of not being able to service your existing customers properly, never mind look for new business.  Sure, you lower your overheads, but you also give your competition the opportunity to move in on your turf and win away customers who are suddenly feeling neglected and insecure.

A better alternative is to become more aggressive in your marketing, rather than less.

Make use of low cost options (compared with face to face sales calls) such as direct response mail and avvy public relations strategies. Of course, your strategies require laser-targeted, focused and powerful communication, so don’t skimp on that. Direct response sales copy is an art and a science. You can’t expect your ‘face-to-face’ sales people to have those skills, but you can work with a professional, marketing savvy direct response copywriter who can provide your salespeople with practical, effective campaigns.

Campaigns can include a number of sales aids that will allow your sales people become a lot more productive, freeing them up from the intensive ‘cultivation’ process formerly undertaken in person.  Instead, a copywriter can work with your sales people to develop personalized communications that can be sent via mail, used on the phone and in other, more subtle, yet effective ways.

This allows your sales team to ‘see’ more customers and prospects than ever before,

giving them the opportunity to benefit from the current ‘falling sky’ mentality.  As other pull back and leave their customers high and dry, your sales people have the opportunity to pick up new business and build stronger loyalty with existing customers without necessarily having to work harder. It’s all a matter of the way you look at the situation: challenge or opportunity?

Who knows? Follow this advice and you could find yourself prospering even more in this economy than you ever have before – all because of a change of perspective!


Questions?  Need a seasoned marketing savvy direct response copywriter?


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