How to establish credibility

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Writing a successful sales promotion takes more than a great headline and fascinating body copy. It takes more than a great product or service.  Many a campaign has returned disappointing results in spite of having all these elements present.

There’s one key ingredient that MUST be present in order to ensure that your campaign response is as successful ad you wish it to be.  That ingredient is: credibility.

How do you establish credibility?

  1. Provide proof of the claims you’re making.  This can take the form of independent documentation including studies, graphs, pictures e.t.c.
  2. Provide testimonials of results experienced by people (real people) who’ve used your product or service.  When you include a testimonial, it’s always more effective if you can use the person’s full name and location e.g. Alan Brown, Dallas, Texas.  Featuring a photograph increases credibility as does – on a web site – an audio or video of the person providing the testimonial ‘live’.
  3. Include logos of any official organizations your business belongs to e.g. Better Business Bureau e.t.c.
  4. Include a physical address
  5. Provide a regular phone number in addition to a toll free number if you have one as people then feel that when they call they aren’t being directed to some off-shore call centre
  6. Provide a strong guarantee - this alone will help people decide to buy.  If you’re prepared to back your product or service it adds to their confidence in you and makes the purchase seem less risky.

By paying attention to these credibility building factors, you can take a promotion that has previously failed and turn it into a success.

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