How to find the right keywords for your articles.

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Finding the right keywords to use in your articles is critical. Keywords drive traffic to your site, posts and articles. Finding the right keywords is reasonably easy if you use the right tools.

Fortunately, there are some excellent tools available. Some are free and some are paid.  In this post we’ll examine the best free tools and work through the process of how to use them effectively.

The most well known free keyword search tools available are the Google adswords keyword search tool and the Wordtracker keyword search tool.  If you do a search on the internet for ‘keyword search tools’, you’ll find a number of options available.

i like using the Google keyword search tool as it provides more information besides which keyword is mot popular.  You’ll find statistics on local and global searches as well as an indication of the volume of advertising competition for each keyword result and the cost for using that word in your Ads.  If you use the drop down menu “choose columns to display” and select “show all”,you’ll also see statistics showing search trends for a year as well as estimated ad positions.

All this information can be invaluable in deciding which keywords will trigger the most response when used in your sites, articles and blogs.

If you already have a web site or blog up and running, installing Google Analytics on the site will enable you to quickly see which keywords people currently use to find your site or blog entries.  This can be very helpful in analyzing whether you are using the right keywords to drive the right traffic.

People who are searching for something completely unrelated to your business may be using words that are driving them to your site. This may look good when it comes to traffic volume, but it isn’t likely to drive sales or enquiries.

For instance, if I use the keyword ‘copy’ on my copywriting site, I might get visitors who are looking for photocopy machines or copy shops when what I really want is traffic looking for copy writing.  Google analytics will tell me what search terms are bringing my visitors to specific pages or posts on my site.  This allows me to tweak the content so that the keywords bring qualified traffic.

Another good, albeit slow and old fashioned way of finding out which keyword will work best for you is to survey a segment of your target demographic to find out what words they would use to search for your business if they were looking for it online.

The most important thing to remember is that by finding the exact words and phrases your specific target market will use to source your products or services, you’ll have access to many free promotional avenues as well as making any pay per click advertising exponentially more effective.

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