How to guarantee sales success

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It’s the secret direct response copywriters and their clients would kill for and it’s hidden in plain sight.

Yes, there’s no mystery to it at all.  Anyone with half a grain of common sense knows the answer:  all you need is a product they want at a price they’re willing to pay.

Okay, I told you that you knew that…

But here’s the rub:  you think you have a product they want and you’re pretty sure it’s at a good price – after all, you’ve done the market research and you just can’t bring it to market any cheaper..  And still, they’re not buying.  How come?

Let’s assume you do have a product they want and that it’s well priced.  How can you be sure that they will buy?  How can you guarantee sales success?

There’s a key ingredient you have to add to the mix in order to get your prospect to take action.  It’s ‘feelings’.  No matter how much they ‘need’ or can afford the product, they will not buy unless they ‘feel’ they have to have it.

Now you can’t possibly know all the nuances of feeling that might be necessary to make the right connection. But you can identify the main contenders.  The easiest way to do this is to poll a section of your target market.  If you can talk to your ideal prospect and get to know their core fears, hopes and desires, it’s a lot easier to evoke and address the specific feelings that will motivate them to buy.

You’ve no doubt heard the old adage:  Sell the sizzle not the steak.  And that still holds true. Unfortunately, most businesses do not carry that philosophy through their communications with their market – and so, neve rreach their full sales potential.  You HAVE to speak to the prospect’s emotions.  Not to manipulate, but to match.  Because, as I’ve so often stated previously, people do not buy in an emotional vacuum.  Emotion is ALWAYS involved in the purchasing decision – even when it masquerades as the satisfaction of using logic.  You have to match your product with the kind of emotion they will experience from owning it.

Here are some example of how to use feelings to guarantee sales success:

  • Business to business sales:  talk about things that are important to the purchaser.  These will usually revolve around a need to know that the product / service will not let them down and if they’re an employee, land them in hot water with their boss.  Therefore a pitch that focuses on the peace of mind aspect i.e. their security which is ensured by various guarantees and warranties  and the recognition they will receive for having made such a savvy purchase, will be a lot more powerful and likely to succeed than one that focuses solely on features and benefits.  Once the primary  emotional connection has been made, then  information relating to how this purchase will improve productivity and profitability will further appeal to very specific secondary emotions and will cement the connection.
  • Business to consumer: most people’s purchasing decisions are activated by fear (and the need for security) or desire for advancement, whether that advancement is peer recognition, social standing or financial gain.  Showing how the purchase can achieve any or all of these states is key.  For instance, ‘feel thin, fit and attractive’ is more powerful than ‘look thin, fit and attractive’ although they’re essentially the same thing.  ‘Go to sleep at night without worrying about your future’ is more powerful than ‘Secure your future’.  ‘Your neighbors will be impressed…’ is more powerful than ‘Own this luxury vehicle’…

Making these kinds of emotional connections really does guarantee sales success.  You’ve already proved it in your own life.  Think back:  have you ever purchased something you really wanted after having found all the good reasons why you ‘needed’ it?  And have you ever justified a purchase to someone else using logic a little different to the emotion you felt when contemplating and making the purchase?   I thought so…

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