How to stay engaged with customers using Social Media – Part 1

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Social Media is all about staying engaged with your customer.

The blurring of corporate and personal interaction goes a long way towards establishing relationships.  Frequent interaction on various social media platforms intensifies the relationship, and of course, the loyalty.

Does this mean that the person in your organization responsible for your social media marketing needs to share intimate details of either the organization or it’s staff?  No – but there should be some personal tidbits included on a fairly frequent basis.

How frequent?  Hoe personal?

At least once a day, and not too personal.  Think about it this way:  you share some of your personal likes, dislikes and activities with your co-workers, but there are some things you just wouldn’t want spread around the office.  Those are the kinds of things you wouldn’t want broadcast on Twitter or your professional FaceBook page either.  Use your discretion.

When posting personal type information, stick to things that you don’t mind everyone knowing, such as sport or other interesting events you may be involved in, charitable causes you’re supporting, funny anecdotes that aren’t offensive or embarrassing, office related trivia – for instance, your organization may hold various events or internal competitions and it may be fun to post an ongoing account of how these progress.

The point of the personal side of social media is to engage your audience in a warm, emotional way – the same way that you engage other business people face to face.  You know it’s important to show your human side whilst maintaining a persona that attracts respect.  Social media works the same way.  Don’t ever succumb to the temptation to blow off steam on a social media platform – as soon as it’s published to the world, you’ll probably regret it!

In determining the  type of content you should post in social media venues, concentrate on things that will be of interest to others first, and then, equally important, feature information that will be helpful. Nothing goes further to cement a growing relationship and ensure customer loyalty than being a trusted advisor who demonstrates a willingness to help out wherever possible.

Make that your social attitude and you’ll find that your list of friends and followers increases quickly and stays loyal longer.

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