How to use social media without it sucking your day away

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Social media is an incredibly powerful tool in list building.  The only trouble is that unless you’re careful it can suck away hours, even days of your time.

Social media relies on frequent updating in order to move up the ranking ladder, be featured on search engines and drive more traffic. Frequent updating means you need to have a lot of things to say.  For most of us that’s just not practical.  We either just can’t think of enough things to say, or we don’t have the time to make frequent updates.

Here’s one way to combat those issues by semi-automating the process.

Step 1: Get your content:

Sign up to google alerts with the keywords you want to track.  Google will email you every time something is posted on the internet that contains your keywords.  Depending on your subject, you may many alerts or just a few.  Whichever way, set the email update to once daily so that it’s not constantly bombarding you.

Check out sites such as “Stuff to tweet” for information that can be re-published in your niche (with credits of course).

Depending on the volume of information you find, you can begin to accumulate a ‘library’ of posting material.

Step 2: Automatically publish.

A few tiems a week, set aside a few hours to create blog posts using your material.  Schedule the blog posts to publish at the desired rate: either once a day over the next week, or at intervals throughout the day – depending on the volume of posts you want to publish.

Setp 3: Feed to your social media accounts

Using  automated feed mechanisms such as Twitterfeed, link your social media sites to your blog so that when your blog post is published, it automatically updates the social media sites.

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