How to write to sell – 3 guidelines

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When you’re writing with the end goal of selling something, there are 3 simple guidelines you’ll want to keep in mind:

  1. People make decisions with their hearts, not their heads. It’s important to identify the underlying emotions that your target prospect has that your product or service will satisfy.  By appealing to these emotions, you’ll cut through all the noise of other marketing messages they’re being bombarded with, and you’ll get their attention
  2. People like to feel in control of their decision to buy. As a writer, you have to walk a fine line between being compelling and being perceived as being controlling.  You want to present your case from your customer’s point of view.  If you show that you understand their predicament and allow them to relate to you as a friend and advisor, they’re more likely to buy than if you try to browbeat them with logic.
  3. Once you’ve made a ‘heart’ connection, then present irrefutable logic that will allow your prospect to justify the purchasing decision they’ve made. In this way, you solidify the decision AND avoid possible buyer’s remorse after the purchase.

Practice using these 3 simple guidelines and you’ll find that your copy converts more consistently and successfully.

Please let me know how it works for you!

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