If you help enough other people…

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It was Zig Ziglar who first made the observation that if you help enough other people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.  Since Zig made that comment, it’s probably become one of the most used quotes in business.  Probably because it’s still true.

Right now I think we’re all heartily sick of the doom and gloom that’s being put forth and repeated at every turn.  It’s almost as if every piece of bad news takes on a life of it’s own that gets larger with each retelling.  If you’ve been tearing your hair out wondering how to get things rolling again, here’s some advice:

Help your clients get what they want.

What’s that I hear you say, “Business is slow for my clients too.  They’re not doing much of anything right now”?  You’re right.  And that’s a problem, for them as much as for you.  While no one’s doing much of anything, nothing much can happen except for a faster downhill slide.

By showing your client what they can be putting in place to stimulate their own business, you can help them while you help to stimulate your own. Most business owners know how to do what they do, but when it comes to promoting their business, they feel helpless.

Spending time thinking about the actions your client can take (and how you can help them take these actions) is time well invested.  Going to a client with a practical, viable list of promotional opportunities that you can help them implement lets them know that you really care about their business and their goals.

Helping them to implement these ideas ensures that the execution is correct, which is important if you want good results – especially results you can track.

When you can demonstrate to your client that your ideas have merit and profit pulling power, you’ll find your client relationships more and more rewarding for all concerned.

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