Is Social Media Marketing technical or intuitive?

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When you look at the people who’re involved in social media marketing, you’ll see both right and left brain types strongly represented.

Social media marketing can be likened to many of the great technological inventions of the past century in that the goal is to use technology to make things simpler for the vast majority.

While internet technology is seldom well understood by people over 35, it’s the baby boomer generation who are the most active on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

As a consultant, coach and copywriter, I find much of my time is spent figuring out the social media opportunities so that I can help my clients enter into the world of new media opportunities.  This morning, i had a discussion with a client about the use of social media and whether a business platform should be strictly business or allow for some personal interaction as well.

It seems from my research that Facebook leans toward either personal or business, while Twitter seems to offer a platform where both approaches can be used as the Tweeter feels inspired.  Some are purely business, but many mix their personal comments and insights with their business related messages.

This presents both an opportunity and a danger.  The opportunity is to forge stronger emotional ties with followers – the danger is not recognizing that some personal insights might be detrimental to the professional image.

If you’re unsure and intend using social media for business purposes, I’d suggest sticking to business exclusively until you feel comfortable in this arena and have a feeling for what your followers expect and will accept from you.

As a writer, I find social media presents both an opportunity and a challenge.  The opportunity is to demonstrate skill in writing powerul and action prompting ‘headlines’ – the challenge is learning to communicate within 140 characters yet saying enough to actually get people to take action, whether it be to click a link, respond or retweet.

As I said, it’s a challenge but it’s also a good discipline.  It forces me to clarify my thoughts and articulation.  140 characters simply doesn’t leave any room for sloppiness.

The most exciting thing about this new media is how it levels the playing field for those who have the energy and the ambition to figure out how to use the opportunity productively.

Social media is the ideal way to increase internet ‘real estate’ and drive traffic to your blog or site.  There are a multitude of tools available to assist in this.  Twitter, Facebook and Squidoo all offer feed capabilities that place your latest blog posts on your accounts automatically.  Besides which there are a lot of new tools emerging which are geared to increase your followers, help you research and fine people you want to follow as well as monitoring / organizational tools such as Tweetdeck and Seismic Desktop

All of these tools are essentially technical, but they’ve been designed to operate intuitively making social media much easier to use for those who operate on an intuitive level.  What it all boils down to is that social media has bridged the gap between the left brained technocrats and the right brained creatives to create the most viable mass communication tool known to mankind.   Now… the key is actually communicating as opposed to soliloquizing.

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