Lateral keywords

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If you’ve been struggling to identify affordable keywords for your articles, blog posts and PPC or CPA campaigns, you may want to try using lateral keywords.

Lateral keywords are keywords that are hot in a market other than the one you are involved in, but whose demographic is the same.  In other words, if you can identify areas that your market is interested in then you can often find keywords that relate to these areas that are more affordable than the keywords that relate directly to your product.

For instance, in a video I watched recently, some ‘guru’s’ were discussing this topic and the example they gave was online dating.  Instead of choosing words that related to online dating, relationships e.t.c. they looked at who their market was and what other areas they were involved in.

They decided that a big part of their market was geeky, nerdy guys who had trouble getting a date.  What are most geeky, nerdy guys involved in?  Computers, of course.

So they looked for keywords in computer related subjects that were not too high priced and ran their campaigns using keywords and sites related to this subject.  It was a phenomenal success.

So, if you’ve been worried about how difficult it is to find good keywords relating to your product, this is a very viable alternative.

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