Make your advertising pay big dividends.

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It’s usually advertising budgets that are cut first when the economy takes a dive. And that’s understandable.  Most companies have little idea of the real bottom line return on advertising dollars spent, so it’s not surprising that the value of advertising can be questionable when the squeeze is on.

The good news is that there are advertising and marketing strategies available that will suit almost every budget - including those that are really small.  The catch is that to take advantage of these strategies effectively, you’ll need a writer with certain skills and experience.

Not all writers are the same.  Not many have experience in ‘real life’ business management and marketing, in measurable and monitorable direct response advertising and mail, or even in face to face sales.  All these disciplines are important when you’re feeling the pinch and need every dollar to work hard and produce a measurable return.

When you find a writer who has these skills, you’d be wise to take advantage of an opportunity to work with them. Here are just some of the ways you could put them to work to boost your sales and profitability:

  1. Customer contacts via direct response mail and email. There’s a very specific way that these types of contacts should be handled.  Particularly when times get tough.  Knowing the right way to generate business from existing customers requires strong guerrilla marketing savvy, exceptional copywriting skills and a good dose of salesmanship.
  2. Customer reactivation strategies. Statistics show that at least 68% of customer attrition is as a result of vendors neglecting to stay in touch.  Customers simply grow out of the habit of doing business with you if you ignore them long enough.  A good copywriter has the know-how necessary to jump start a good percentage of customers who haven’t done business with you within your average sales cycle.
  3. New business development: when most people think of new business development, they think of running ads, cold-calling and telemarketing.  If your copy is properly designed, you’ll have a far higher success in all these areas. Your ads will be more persuasive and powerful and you’ll have ways you can actually monitor them.  A good copywriter can even help your sales people devise better ways to articulate during sales calls. And telemarketing can morph from one of the most hated forms of promotion to an appreciated customer service call.

These are just a few of the ways that a good copywriter can help ensure that your advertising and promotions pay big dividends, becoming profit generators rather than expenses. I personally use several more with my clients.

Watch this blog for further ideas and feel free to add yours!

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