Make your email marketing easy (2)

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The best way to ensure that your email marketing remains effective as well as easy, is to pay attention to some basic branding issues.

Spending some time upfront getting this taken care of will save you countless hours and lots of frustration later.

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that your ‘brand’ identity is the same across all platforms i.e. email, web site, social media pages, printed materials etc.  It’s basic branding 101.  Although you can get up and running very quickly by using generic templates, it may not give you the best bang for your buck.

If you don’t have ability at all to customize a template, either yourself or by hiring someone to do it, then at least choose a template that uses your corporate colors and make sure that your standardized logo is featured in this.  It will help ‘transition’ your visual and connect it with your other corporate communications.

The second thing you should do is select a template that will work for  a variety of different purposes e.g. email newsletter, email promotion, general emails as well as  press releases.

This will help speed up the process as once you have the template tweaked to your satisfaction, it’s a simple matter of going in and changing content and images for each communication.

Make sure that you always use the same fonts for headings and body copy.  This helps reinforce the corporate image and maintains consistency.

Use a similar ‘voice’ to the ‘voice’ you use on your web site and / or blog in order to ensure, once again, that consistency is maintained.

Keep your message consistent and wherever possible provide a click through link that takes readers to the web site or blog or brings up an email to encourage them to contact you.  Your links to the web site or blog should bring up the page with the relevant information relating to the email so that the reader can find out more and respond.

This information can then also be sent via feeds to your social media pages – which in effect will feature headlines and excerpts that will traffic from these venues to your site or blog.

Keeping these simple steps in mind when doing email marketing will help you manage it better and increase your profit potential.

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