One of the most powerful business tools you own.

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Warning: this article comes with a ‘Suitable for’ warning.

“May not be suitable for those who are more comfortable blaming the economy, conditions, competition, incompetent staff or other convenient factors for their current situation.”

If, however, you are passionately committed to continual improvement, then this article may give you some new insights into why your business is where it is right now.

I had long wondered why it was that some people were successful while others, often better qualified, funded or otherwise equipped, either failed, fizzled or simply flunked out.  You see it everywhere. After years of studying and researching this, I believe that a person’s outcome in life depends almost solely on one factor.

It’s a tool we all have.  It’s a tool we all use.  Some of us use it knowingly, while others use it unwittingly with the mindlessness of an undisciplined child.  We can’t not use it.  Just as we cannot separate ourselves from the consequences of how we use it.

Have you guessed yet?

This universal tool is our mind.

Just as we tend to drive in the direction that we look, our lives go in the direction of our most predominant thoughts.  If our minds are focused on what’s going wrong, and the odds that are stacked against us, that’s where we’ll go.  If our minds are focused on the possibilities and we ‘see’ ourselves successfully accomplishing our goals, that’s where our lives will go.

You can always tell which side of the fence a person is on when they speak. It’s easy. We display our predominant thought patterns in everything we say.  Just ask someone how they are.  They’ll either respond positively or negatively.  Ask them how business is.  Chances are they’ll respond in exactly the same manner as they do to the query about their health.

Quantum physicists say that everything – seen and unseen – is made up at its smallest possible component of the same substance. Energy.  According to double slit experiment results, these smallest components behave as the observer expects them to.  In other words, the observer has an effect – by their expectations – on tangible, observable results.

Without getting too deep into the Quantum Physics world, suffice it to say that science often proves life. Concentrate on failing at something and there’s no doubt you will.  As Napoleon Hill so aptly put it: “If you think you can, or if you think you can’t – in both cases you are right.”

It’s well to remember this applies to business just as much as it does to other areas of life. Of course, there are always the nay sayers that will avow, “Well I believed I would be successful – but look what happened!  I really thought it would work, but it didn’t.”

We can only judge by outward results.  There’s usually a big difference between most people’s definition of ‘thinking’ or ‘believing’ and the reality.

As I said earlier – your results will be in accordance with your most predominant thoughts.  Think of obstacles, difficulties and possibility of failure most of the day, then psych yourself up to be positive about your business when specifically thinking of it, and – you guessed it – you will probably fail.

It’s interesting to note that in the Greek, the word we translate in English in the Bible as ‘Believe’  means ‘to walk in accordance with’.  It’s not a mental assent or a matter of willpower.  It’s a complete immersion in a particular ‘reality’ where you are experiencing an outcome in your mind before it has actually manifested in a tangible way.  And we all do it all the time.  Either to our success or to our failure.

When it comes to business, it’s essential that we really sit down and have a good long counseling session with ourselves to get our heads right.  Otherwise we simply charge at the day creating outcomes by default.

If business is looking gloomy, practice ‘seeing’ things improving.  When people ask you how it’s going, be positive.  I’m not suggesting lying, all you have to do is answer along the lines of, “I’m expecting business to improve.” or “I know things will work out well”

Concentrate on focusing on finding solutions rather than worrying about problems.  For instance, if sales are down, rather than saying, “Sales are down and I don’t know what to do about it.” say, “How can we increase sales this month to both new prospects and old customers?”  Immediately, this shifts your focus into a ‘can do’ mode rather than a defeat mode.  Then concentrate on thinking of solutions.

Everytime your mind presents you with a negative scenario, simply reject it, refuse to dwell on it and think of the opposite.  For instance, you think “How can we increase sales this month to new prospects and old customers?”  Your mind says, “No one is buying right now and our old customers have already stocked up so they don’t need anything right now.”

Just turn your mind to the solution, “It doesn’t matter what others are saying, I know that my prospects will benefit from buying my product, now what is one way I can get it in front of them today?”

You don’t need to come up with the entire blueprint for success right now.  Just take one step in the right direction and another will open up.  Practice taking those small steps by using your most powerful business tool – a focused mind – and you’ll be surprised how quickly you begin to see the effects play  out in your business.

It’s a fact that

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