Overcoming roadblocks: Getting going and keeping going

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One of the things that stumps many business owners and entrepreneurs is achieving enough momentum in any new course of action.

Each new idea that seems so right, so logical and so simple suddenly seems to spring a multitude of ‘legs’ the minute we begin moving toward implementing them.

First we must do research on the market, the offering, the competition… then we must craft our offer, our material, our marketing, our fulfillment… then we must test the offer, tweak the material, identify problems and then overhaul the system…

Then we begin selling and if at first we find we don’t succeed…. well… many of us just give up.  Or we go back to the drawing board, endlessly tweaking before we get out there again.

Whatever our very good reasons, the result is that we don’t make as much progress, or as much money, as we know we should.

One way to overcome at least some of these issues is to find a group who’re involved in the same or a similar field.  By interacting and sharing with such a group you’ll find others who’ve hit those roadblocks and fathomed a way to effectively overcome them.  You’ll find many ideas on how to shortcut the learning curve, as well as many ideas to fine tune your processes.

But perhaps most important, you’ll find that you’re not alone and you’ll have the opportunity to be inspired by others successes.  In time, you’ll find that you’re able to share your successes and inspire the ‘newbies’ in the group by showing them that it can be done and how to overcome their roadblocks.

One thing we tend to forget is that life is made up of people. Business is part of life.  Not every competitor is out to get you or steal your market.  The mark of a successful person is that they’re invariably willing to share and mentor those who’re learning the ropes.

An open and generous attitude will attract others who are open and generous. The net result is that we all benefit.  Being closed and territorial is really self sabotaging.  As someone once put it, such people “Get all they can.  Can all they get.  Then they sit on the can to stop anyone else getting it.”

While you’re sitting on the can, you can’t move. If you can’t move, you can’t go forward and you can’t grow.  You can’t increase. Lack of growth according to scientists results in what is known as entropy – disintegration or decay.

So, if you’re experiencing roadblocks, look for a mastermind or business group in your industry and get involved.  It will help you more than almost any other strategy to fast track your progress, overcome road blocks and keep on going toward success.

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