The extreme business value of strong copy

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All businesses can benefit from strong marketing-savvy copy.

There is not one business or industry that I can think of that will not benefit from improving their articulation.  The reason is simple:  people are human beings whether they’re dressed in suits and spend their waking hours in a corporate office or they’re dressed in a cover-all and spend most of their time in a workshop.  They still buy stuff and they still make decisions based on emotion later backed by logic.

Shakespeare said, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. That’s still a truism today even though it might now be more accurate to say “The keyboard is mightier than the gun.”

Many of the initial causes of current economic woes were originally made possible by articulation and certainly, public perceptions are still being channeled into an orchestrated mentality by the articulation put forth by the media.

That fact is that in business, articulation is even more important today than it was a month ago, or a year ago, or even a century ago.

Right now, siege mentality has taken hold of the markets, yet at the same time, businesses are looking for a silver bullet to deliver them from the tightening grip of a shrinking economy.

In most businesses, every possible area has been streamlined, costs have been cut and every viable efficiency introduced to help keep things moving forward.

In contrast, forward thinking business focus is on expanding sales activities even though they may have cut their sales force.  Now, there are less people to cover more territory and more prospects, in search of more sales that are so desperately needed.

The one sure way of increasing sales, boosting company morale and protecting the sales team’s sanity is to take a long, hard look at corporate articulation to find  opportunities to re-engineer all written and spoken articulation into a high-powered, laser focused profit generation missiles.

Every sale ever made is as a result of thoughts. Thoughts are inspired by words.  Words invoke images.  Images invoke emotional responses.  Emotion invokes action.

If you can identify, understand and speak to your prospect’s ‘hot buttons’ more accurately, your message automatically becomes more powerful and persuasive. Every single thing that your business articulates should be closely examined for the purpose of identifying areas where the message conveyed is actually invoking negative rather than positive responses.

Everything counts.

The way the receptionist answers the phone.  The way your technical support and customer service staff interact with existing customers.  The way sales team speaks about their customers when back at the office… the way the C.E.O. talks about the economy, the staff, the customers… it all adds up to a general mind-set that is articulated and unknowingly broadcast to the market.

Articulation is a very precise and scientific function.

Choice of words is critical. A very specific level of confidence, or lack thereof, is conveyed, perceived and reflected with the choice of just one word.  For instance, a product claim of ‘may increase profitability’ has a completely different connotation to a claim stating ‘will increase productivity’. Just changing that one little word has a definite impact on both seller and buyer confidence and therefore action.

This time of uncertainty is no time to remaining trembling behind castle walls while the economic situation mounts an increasingly threatening posture. It’s time to sharpen those arrows, re-string the bows and get the archers up on the ramparts.  Just sending them up there sporadically with little more than a ‘God speed’ and a crooked stick isn’t going to help.

Give your business the edge it needs to both attract your prospect’s attention and bring them to positive action by articulating your value propositions so clearly, so persuasively and so confidently that they hear you rather than the deafening and paralyzingly threatening chant of doom and gloom that’s held the market in siege for too long already.

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