The sale goes to the one you know… the fundamental reason for Social Media Marketing.

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Ecclesiastes says that ‘there is nothing new under the sun’.  When you’re looking at the psychology of sales, this is certainly true.

While we have new marketing tools and vehicles emerging daily offering, faster, better, cheaper and more effective ways of getting your message in front of your market, this doesn’t alter the fact that the basic psychology of sales remains the same as it has always been.

You cannot have a successful Social Media marketing strategy that doesn’t factor in that psychology.  For the most part, selling successfully depends on one major factor: credibility.

Other than offering a good product / service with good pricing, after sales service and so on, credibility is achieved through relationship.

Everyone in business has competitors.  In other words, your customers have a choice as to whether to buy from you or your competitor.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a preemptive position based on product or service specs.  If your customer compares your offering with your competitors and finds no significant differences, what is the one thing you can do to influence them in favor of purchasing from you?

Remember, we’re not talking about implementing a price or value added promotion.  We’re talking about having to operate on a level playing field where you have no significant advantage over your competitor.

Let me ask you this:  if you are shopping for something and you’re deciding between two or more vendors, one of whom you keep seeing on the internet via their web site or blog, Twitter, Facebook and so on, and the other whom you see only when you search for them, which one would you choose?

The law of reciprocity suggests that you’d choose the one you felt had already offered you something for nothing.  That ‘something for nothing’ is a relationship.  A relationship is born and nurtured in frequent contacts via various marketing channels – today that would probably be primarily on the internet.

As I’ve stated so often before, people buy from people they trust. You can only trust someone if you feel you know them. You only know them by observing them and conversing with them over a period of time.

Social Media venues allow that observation and conversation to happen in a low key, non invasive and engaging way.  Plus, it’s the absolutely most cost-effective marketing available.  Why wouldn’t you use it? Particularly now that you know just how influential it can be.

Need help?  Not sure how to set it all up or don’t have the time to maintain a strategy?  No problem.  Email me and I’ll be happy to tell you about some available options.

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