Two kinds of bloggers:

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According to Jack Humphrey of Friday Traffic Report, there are at least 2 main categories that bloggers fall into:

  1. the ‘pure’ blogger’
  2. the ‘reporter’ blogger

Humphrey was recently featured in David Frey’s Web Traffic Telesummit as a guest. The major difference Humphrey identifies is that ‘pure’ bloggers use only original content i.e. new content written specifically for their blog post, whereas the ‘reporter’ style blogger would feature content from other sources.

The latter type of blogger is the one we’d most often associate with a corporate or business blog.  In fact, I manage blogs for quite a few of my clients and while, according to Humphrey’s definition, I’m a ‘reporter’ blogger in those cases, on this blog, I’m definitely a ‘pure’ blogger.

What I find really interesting – and motivating – about blogging is that it’s relatively simple if you have a system to keep fresh and interesting content appearing.  Humphrey makes suggestions as to how to do this, including using keywords as topic generators and using available software to scour the web to find content that matches keywords you’re interested in.

What I’ve found in both my ‘reporter’ and ‘pure’ blogging activities, is that this increasingly popular method is the quickest and easiest way to generate publicity, search engine visibility and reader loyalty.

Unlike a static, traditional web site, blogs are quick, easy and free to update. No special skills required.  They’re the quintessential instant gratification.  Of course, as Humphrey says, many people really struggle with the prospect of having to find new content on an ongoing basis.  That’s one of the biggest fears my clients voice to me.

That’s why I’m finding that the fastest growing area in my writing and consulting business has to do with social media, specifically blogging, twitter, facebook and so on.  By taking away the hassle and providing, instead,  a quick, hands off solution to ongoing publicity and search engine visibility, it’s a no-brainer for clients who don’t have the time or inclination for written articulation.

Some of the other advantages they experience is a very low key, but highly credible form of marketing. Oops!  did I say ‘marketing’?  Can marketing and blogging co-exist? Well that’s a subject for my next post, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you need a hands off, easy social media solution, contact me for a no obligation consultation.

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