Why information products make financial sense.

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The fastest growing product category on the internet is information.

Everyone, at some point, uses an information product, whether it’s a physical product such as a book or a ‘virtual’ product, such as an e-book. Essentially an information product is a presentation of useful information.

As I’ve discussed previously, information products such as books, reports, seminars, articles e.t.c. are all great marketing tools. They all have one thing in common:  they’re written.  And this, of course, presents a great opportunity for writers.

There are few businesses that cannot make use of information products developed specifically for their market. Most businesses today realize that educating and infoming their customers is a pro-active and sensible way to encourage higher levels of sales and customer loyalty.

The trouble is that many of these businesses have no idea as to how to identify subject matter or how to put that subject matter into a professional written form.

However, it’s well worth while investigating the potential for information products in your business because besides being great as customer loyalty and educational tools, they can also represent a significant additional profit center.

If you are able to create information products yourself, they cost nothing except your time.  If you outsource the creation, the costs are still very low in comparison to a physical product that has to be manufactured.

In addition, once the product is created, you can produce it on demand at no cost. Unlike physical inventory which has to be bought or created in specific quantities, information products can be sold in any quantity in downloadable form at no additional cost.

The only time additional inventory of an information product will cost you is when it has to be printed or bound.  In today’s green awareness’ climate, that’s becoming less and less frequent.

Additional benefits are that you no longer have to worry about shipping logistics, nor does your customer have to worry about paying shipping charges.  Delivery is free and it’s instant.  When people need or want information in a hurry, this is a big plus.

Want to know how to identify subject matter and how to create an information product?

Let me send you my free email course on the subject.  All you need to do is tell me where to send it by putting in your name and email address in the subscription form to your right.  It’s free.  It’s quick.  It’s easy.  You’ll receive all the information you need to create your own information products by email in easily digestible installments.

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