Why now is the best time to be in business

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…. so the economy sucks. … so things are tougher and competition is fiercer than ever. … so you can no longer just hang up your shingle and wait for ‘them’ to find you and buy.  So here’s why NOW is the BEST time to be in business…

Feeling a little discouraged and overwhelmed?  Don’t worry.  It happens to all of us.  The good news is that no matter how the economy may look today, things are actually a lot easier than they could be.

Consider this:

  • it used to be that to get in front of prospects you had to pay to advertise.
  • it used to be that your options for getting in front of people were limited to print media, face to face sales, telephoning and direct mail.
  • it used to be that you were tied to a telephone number tethered to a physical telephone and a physical location.

Now, however, you have the internet and amazing technology that broadens your reach instantaneously, without geographic boundaries or limitations, and, for the most part, with little or no cost.

Truly – it’s a marketer’s fantasy.  Imagine being able to connect with your prospects numerous times over a period of time, drive traffic to your business – wherever that may be, and give them the ability to connect with you equally easily no matter where you are.

All at little or no cost.

Imagine not having to be bound by lead times of publications, the vagaries of the postal system and even by the movement of your prospects and customers.

While marketing principles have not changed much, the vehicles and methodology has changed radically. When I first began my career, the scope of what’s now accepted as normal would’ve been considered science fiction.

Yes – now is definitely the best time to be in business.  However, the business goes to the daring and those who are prepared to venture into this globally interactive world.  Marketing using the internet based tools available today requires discipline, vision and persistance.

It’s important to not only take advantage of the marketing opportunities available, but also of the ability to focus on the single most important factor in business.  I’m talking about relationships.

If your focus is on building good relationships with your clients and prospects, you will find that the internet facilitates that more than any other marketing medium.

All the great marketers and sales people have known that and made relationships the basis of their daily operations.  The famous Joe Girard is still an unsurpassed legend because of this attitude. Through careful attention to building relationships at a time when it wasn’t nearly as quick and easy as it is today, Joe set the record for selling more new vehicles than anyone else in the world.  That record still stands.

Joe wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, nor was life easy for him.  As a child, he was forced to make a living to help support his family.  His determination to do so led to him winning prizes for his performance.  Of which he says, “the other kids could easily have beat me.  But no one else was prepared to do what it took.”

When you examine successful people you’ll see that they all share that same characteristic: they’re prepared to do what others aren’t.  For Joe, at that time, it was knocking on doors to sign up subscribers to a newspaper publication.  For those of us in business today, it’s still knocking on doors, albeit in a much more effective way using the internet.

The question is: are we prepared to do what it takes? The setting up of systems, the endless posting, optimization and monitoring? Perhaps you don’t have the time or the inclination, but you’d still like to reap the rewards.

As Joe discovered so many years ago, you can increase your results by pulling together a team that can handle what you can’t or don’t want to do.

Are you interested in finding out how you can build your business and your sales in a time when others are complaining about how bad things are?

Email me and I’ll be happy to tell you more.

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