Why Social Media Marketing matters

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Recently I’ve had a few people ask me why they should consider using Social Media Marketing.

A year or so ago, my answer would’ve been that it was for the same reason as you had to have a fax machine 20 years ago… or a web site today. Because it was expected.  Because if you didn’t, you’d look out of date and – horror of horrors – not up to speed with today’s fast paced technology.

Today my answer is different.  I still believe the statements above are true – but they’re not the whole truth.

In a study done recently of the top 100 companies, it was discovered that of those that implemented an aggressive Social Media strategy, revenues increased, on average, by 18% over the 12 month period following s Social Media Marketing strategy implementation.

Although, on the surface, Social Media Marketing may not appear to be directly sales related, it does have an impact on the bottom line.  Having been focused on direct marketing and direct response strategies over the past several years, I realized that I’d developed a disdain for purely ‘decorative’ marketing initiatives.  Social Media Marketing appeared, at first, to fall into that category.

However, on closer acquaintance and with some experience of this marketing medium, I’m now a convert.  I believe wholeheartedly in the validity – no, the necessity - for Social Media Marketing for all businesses.

The current mantra of ‘do more with less’ should be enough to make the most skeptical consider S.M.M.  Never before has there been such opportunity to create huge market presence with so little cost.  No matter whether you’re a single person business such as a consultant, or a huge multi-national – Social Media Marketing can propel you quickly to the forefront of your target audience’s consciousness.

And it’s not just prospects who can be reached using Social Media venues. Now, some organizations, such as Best Buy, are taking advantage of the immediacy and flexibility of venues like Twitter to deliver fast, comprehensive and consumer responsive customer service.

While Best Buy is a consumer focused organization, the same principal can easily be used by B2B organizations to deliver updates, event announcements, FAQ development, training, inter-company communication, partner motivation and on and on.

The possibilities are endless.  In addition to this advantage, Social Media Marketing offers another ‘by-product’.  Setting up a network of Social Media venues helps increase an organizations visibility on the internet simply by virtue of them owning ever increasing internet ‘real-estate’.

Think of it in the same way as an organization beginning with a single office or branch. They are visible only in their immediate area.  As they open more offices in more locations, their visibility increases.  Social Media Marketing essentially achieves the same thing – only exponentially.  The organization that sets up a comprehensive and active Social Media network increases visibility globally – if they so desire.  If they don’t, no problem.  Their visibility in their desired area is achieved and they’ve not had to pay a cent extra for the ‘wasted’ visibility.  This fact alone is one that makes traditional print media develop chills of fear.

All in all, when clients ask me about whether Social Media Marketing is really necessary in their situation, I have absolutely no hesitation in answering with an unequivocal ‘yes’.

To find out more about how Social Media Marketing can positively impact your business, please email me at jackie@jackiecooperwriter.com


  1. But if you can get better results with \"old school\" marketing focus efforts, you should work on that instead.

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  2. Chas, Thanks for your comment. I am not advocating abandoning traditional marketing. I think that you have to work on multiple fronts – there’s no silver bullet in either traditional marketing or social media marketing. And social media marketing that isn’t backed up by a solid grass roots marketing strategy including great customer service won’t do a whole lot. However, social media marketing is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to expand your reach quickly and effectively.

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