Why you need to write information products

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Even if you’re not a writer, if you’re in business, you could be boosting your profitability and customer loyalty by offering your customers information products.

This applies whether you’re an online or offline business.  It applies whether you’re in a knowledge based business or a tangible product based business.

Why is this?

Primarily because people are seeking knowledge more today than ever before.  When people are contemplating making a purchase of almost anything, at least 75% to 80% of the time, they will do research about it on the internet before purchasing, even if they have no intention of purchasing online.

This creates a huge opportunity for savvy businesses to gain market share by offering the kind of information their customers are looking for – and in doing so – write the specifications for the purchasing criteria.

It’s a technique that has long been used in industrial and technical companies. The purchasing officer has a few favorite vendors that they trust, however they may still be required to put out requests for tender.

They know that the majority of those who respond won’t be able to supply the kind of product or service quality they’re looking for, even though they may meet the tender specifications.

To ensure that the purchasing officer isn’t forced to use a supplier who may let them down but is chosen simply on the basis of price, they may write the request for tender in such a way as to ensure their vendor of choice is the only one whose proposal will qualify.  They do this by adding specifications that only their vendor of choice can satisfy.  Sometimes this will be proprietary specifications of the vendor’s product or service.

You can do the same thing by providing information that highlights the strengths or unique qualities of your products or services. Providing your customers with useful information empowers them to make a sound purchasing decision earns you expert status in the market place.

As an expert, you become the trusted source.  As the trusted source you gain pre-eminence and significantly increase market share by default.  Why by default?  Mainly because your competition will usually have left the field wide open by not providing the same level of information.

Yes, it does take time to produce the type of information products you need to establish yourself as the leader in your market.  However the end result is more than worth it.  If you feel you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, then there is the option of working with a writer skilled in creating this type of material.

If you want to tackle this yourself, keep watching this blog for more information about the types of information products you can create and step by step instructions on how to create them.

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