Would you give WalMart access to your personal information?

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A recent article published by CrunchGear seems to indicate a distinct difference between apparent intention and possible intention.  As a marketing consultant it made me do a double take.  As a consumer it made me feel outraged.

Check out the article and let me know what you think by commenting below.

This article discusses WalMart using RFID scanners to enhance their customer service.  The scanner can be used long distance to scan inventory to determine stock levels.  The advantage being that as stocks of an item run low they can be replaced before customers are inconvenienced.

Only problem is, according to CrunchGear, these scanners can apparently be used to scan the information on your passpart, some credit cards, transit passes and driver’s licences e.t.c.

With a family member currently battling identity theft, likely made possible by a retailer’s records being hacked, this latest customer service ‘improvement’ makes my blood boil!  What are they thinking?  What are WE thinking to allow it to happen?

While I’m generally not in favor of government intervention, this is one instance where I believe a stop needs to be put on things at the highest level.

As a marketing consultant and business writer, I am always in favor of knowing your customer better in order to serve them better.  In this instance, the benefit is so incredibly negligible and the dangers so enormous that I can see no justification for implementing such a strategy.

Your thoughts?

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