Easy blogging strategies as part of your marketing mix.

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Blogging is virtually old hat already.  Which means that it’s finally making it onto the radar screen of the more traditional businesses.

The challenge every one of my clients face when they decide to incorporate social media – especially blogging – into their marketing mix is:  who’s going to keep this thing updated? Who’s going to write the content?  If we buy content, where do we find the right kind of content and how much will that cost?

With everyone becoming more and more focused on downsizing, streamlining, cost cutting and ‘doing more with less’, social media, including blogging, becomes both more attractive and potentially a royal pain in the neck.

In my experience, the best ways to handle the challenge of how to keep the blog updated at least three times a week are as follows:

  • assign responsibility for someone to ensure that this is taken care of.  It may or may not be the person who actually provides the content.  That way, you know that you won’t suddently turn around to find that three weeks have gone by without a fresh post because everyone has been distracted by other issues.
  • make a list of your content options – an example is:
    • write it yourself
    • assign the duty on a rotating scale to people on staff in order to spread the load
    • hire a writer on a retainer basis to produce a set number of posts per week
    • make a list of suppliers, colleagues and experts in your industry and offer them the opportunity to contribute either on a one off or regular basis
    • search article directories for free content that can be reprinted (maintaining the author details)  This option is cost-effective, but you may have to search through 50 articles or more before you find one that’s suitable and doesn’t drive traffic to your competitors.

These are the easiest and most accessible ways to ensure that you have quality content and regular updates on your blog.  It will take time to set up, but once you have your system in place, you’ll find that the rewards are well worth it.

Oh, and by the way, posts that have been written by you or your staff can easily be converted into bona fide articles that can be listed on article directories for the purpose of driving even more traffic to your blog, and subsequently, to your business.

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