How to speed up Social Media postings

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One of the key issues in running a successful social media program is to speed up the process.

Even if you love hanging out at social media venues, at some point, there has to be a balance between tweeting, facebooking, blogging, youtubing and getting some work done! Fortunately there are all kinds of apps that can be set up to feed one post to all your social media venues.

I’ve found the most successful way of doing this is to have a blog feed to my facebook page, my twitter account and my LinkedIn profile. Each of these venues has their own app for importing a blog feed, so it’s merely a matter of figuring out how to navigate each of these platforms to set it up.  It’s pretty simple once you know how, but finding out exactly where these apps are located on the platform and how to use them once you’ve found them can take a while.

In future posts, I’ll give a check list of how to set these up on each different platform, so if you’d like to know, please follow me on Twitter or Facebook or subscribe to this blog.

In my experience, the most difficult one to set up is the Facebook app, and that’s because it’s difficult (or at least I find it so) to actually find the darn thing.  Once you’ve found it, then the step by step procedure is pretty simple.

But, setting up a feed from your blog is only the beginning.  Once that’s done, the next step is to figure out how to have things posted on specific platforms, such as Twitter, multiple times during the day.

While one blog post is more than sufficient per day, multiple tweets are essential. Depending on how many people your followers are following, your tweeted post may only be visible for a few seconds.  If you only tweet it once a day, the chances are great that your follower may easily miss it.

I’ve come across one app that allows you to schedule multiple posts over a period of time. It also allows to you track your messages and posts, though the posts of people you follow are not visible.  It’s pretty useful if you want to make sure that your Twitter account is more active and you don’t want to have to physically post more than once a day.

The app I’m currently using is Co Tweet.  There are other apps that do this and I’ll review them in the future.

If you have any specific questions about social media set-up, please don’t hesitate to email me or to ask them here by leaving a comment!

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