Why Social Media is so successful

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The times they are a’changin’ as the old song says… With the advance in technology, business practices and 24/7/365 connectivity, society no longer functions as it once did.

Once upon a time, not all that long ago, neighbors would hang out and chat over the garden fence. Families would live close together and see each other at least a few times a week.  Grandparents were around to watch their grandkids grow.  Families sat down together for supper each evening.  Sigh…  ah… the good old days.

Today, circumstances and technology have fractured that idyll. Families are now often split over vast distances.  Grandparents often watch their grandkids grow courtesy of Skype.  Mealtimes are often on the run, squeezed in like a necessary, but lamentable ‘waste’ of time.

The thing is, humans are social beings. If we cannot experience social interaction the way past generations have done for millenia, then we have to compensate.  Hence the growth of ‘life – work balance’ where the lines between personal and professional are becoming blurred in an effort to add some humanity to our harried and hurried lives.

Social Media provides the perfect venue to share snippets of our lives with others and in turn be allowed to share snippets of theirs, providing us with a semblance of the community that we crave. The interaction is short, sweet and, of course, at our convenience while we race from one task to the next.

Social Media doesn’t need to take too much time, though there are those who become addicted and spend more time than they ever imagined possible blogging, tweeting, facebooking….

By incorporating Social Media into a business marketing plan, you’re able to ‘humanize’ the business and take advantage of the ‘friends buy from friends’ tendency. No matter that you may never have actually ‘met’ your Facebook Fan Page Friends or Twitter followers face to face.  By keeping up with each others published insights, psychologically, you develop a ‘relationship’.

By virtue of the fact that you ‘pitch up’ regularly on the Social Media scene, you will build credibility in the same way that a person demonstrates dependability in ‘real’ life.

Many professionals are concerned that they’ll appear less professional by engaging in Social Media banter on anything but professional subjects.  Nothing can be further from the reality.  It’s easy to put on a ‘professional’ face, but you’ll add authenticity to your professional image if it’s born out by sharing a few personal insights now and again.  Little details such as how much you enjoyed a family vacation or that you regularly jog to combat a middle aged spread won’t be enough to interfere with your privacy, but they will be enough to allow others to form an emotional connection.  Again – friends buy from friends.

Think about it.

If you’d like some advice about how to cultivate Social Media relationships without compromising your personal privacy or integrity, email me at jackie@jackiecooperwriter.com.  I’ll be happy to help.

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