$50 Sales letter makeover! Kickstart your economy.

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One of the quickest, easiest and most cost effective ways to get new sales is by using a sales letter. Even when you have sales people on staff, well crafted sales letter campaigns will increase your sales dramatically.

The reason is that you can contact hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands of targeted, qualified prospects far more quickly and cost effectively by letter, or email, than you can physically visit within the same time period.  A letter costs you under $1.  An email is virtually free. A personal visit, on the other hand costs whatever your sales person is paid on average per hour as well as their traveling costs.

Using sales letters to warm up your prospects is a savvy and profitable marketing strategy.

Even if your product is one that requires a sales person to close the sale, sales letters will cut costs and increase sales volumes.  Instead of your sales person having to physically visit or phone their prospect several times before the sale is confirmed, they will only have to close the sale. Your powerful sales letter campaign will have taken care of all the prospect’s initial questions, objections and delays, bringing them to the point where they are empowered and ready to buy.  All your sales person will need to do is the final close – a much more effective use of their time and your money.

If you’re already using sales letters but find that they aren’t performing as well as you’d hoped, or you’d simply like to improve their current performance, why not take advantage of my Sales Letter Makeover offer?

For a limited time, I’m providing a top level sales letter makeover to a select group of applicants at the ridiculously low ‘fee’ of just $50.

Yes, just $50.  Although my usual rate to provide this service would be a minimum of ten times this, I’ve decide to make a contribution toward helping to kick start the economy by offering to help you kick start your own business economy.

All you need to do is to send me your current sales letter and for just $50, I will give it a ‘makeover’ to change it into a powerful, profit pulling sales machine.  Besides the makeover itself, I will also provide a detailed critique of your existing material and an explanation of the improved strategies I’ve suggested so that you can then apply these principles in future campaigns.

However, the caveat is that I can only accept a limited number of these assignments, so If you want to take advantage of this unusual opportunity to have your sales letter turned into a profit magnet, I’d suggest you email me right away.  This offer ends at the end of March 2009 and may not ever be repeated.

To your success!

P.S. Your $50 sales letter makeover will include:

  1. a powerful profit pulling sales letter you can implement right now
  2. a detailed explanation of the strategies used so that you can apply these principles to future campaigns
  3. a critique of your existing letter to help you see ways to increase your response

P.P.S. Don’t delay, email me now as this offer ends on 31st March 2009

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