Comments have been lost!!

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If you’ve commented on this blog and don’t see your comment appearing, please accept my apologies.  There appears to be a glitch with my Akismet plug-in which is supposed to filter out spam and let genuine comments through.

Checking my Akismet stats today I see that that there have been 28 genuine comments and numerous spam comments.  However… I don’t see those genuine comments anywhere!  I am very upset by this as I very much appreciate your comments and eagerly look forward to them.

However, Akismet seems to be determined to prevent me from seeing them so I can approve and publish them.

I have no idea what happens to them or where they go, so if anyone has any idea and would be kind enough to email me and let me know, I’d be so grateful!  You can email me at

In the meantime, until I find out how to deal with this issue, I’ve turned Akisment off.  Please, if you’ve commented and it hasn’t appeared, bear with me… or perhaps put your comment in again and then email me so I can check to see whether it’s coming through.

Once again, I apologise for this and ask that you carry on commenting!

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